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For more information please read the Readme that is included in the zip.
Call sick phone plugin

Call work phone plugin

With this phoneplugin you will have the option to call work and tell them you are sick and can't go to work. If you do that you get the day off and they can't fire you for staying at home. You can stay home as long as you like, just make the call every day.

Needs Livin Large

Superstar Phoneplugin

Superstar Phone plugin

This is a phone plugin for Superstar. It will give you the alternative "Give Interview" on the phones at home for Sims in the Superstar career track. Just call and give an interview, you will get paid and your fame will go up, it never goes down. You cannot get promoted at home, and you still have to visit Studiotown to keep your place in the career track, but this helps. This file is cloned from the Houseparty Catering phoneplugin, but it should no longer need Houseparty. But that has nor been tested.

Needs Superstar

Fashion runway

Hacked Fashion Runway

This is a hacked version of the Superstar Fashion runway. It has been hacked to make it easier to be a superstar. You now have three chances of getting it right instead of two. If you play it right you should always be succesfull. Your Sim will also find it less hard on energy and comfort to use it, and thay get fun from performing. This file is made as a Maxis replacement, please read the readme that is in the zipfile.

Needs Superstar

Video set

Hacked Music videoset

This Music videoset has been hacked the same way as the object above. This one too is made as a Maxis replacement. Please read the readme that is in the zipfile. One warning - this file is more than 7 Mb big.

Needs Superstar

Hacked Stage

This Superstar Stage has been hacked in the same way as the Fashion runway above. This one is also made as a Maxis replacement. Please read the readme that is in the zipfile.

Needs Superstar

Oldtime work from home computerWork from home computer
In the Electronic section you will find computers and computer clones that will allow a Sim to work from home. They get paid and there is no risk of getting fired for staying at home.
Hacked superstar Videoset

Give concert

This is a hacked videoset that will let your Sim give a concert to earn money. It attracts other Sims to watch for fun (they can watch sitting or standing) and it works without the player having to make any choices. You do need the same star power to use it as the original videoset, so this is just for Stars. It can be used on any non-home lot.

Needs Superstar

This is a big file, approx 7Mb