2014 may 29

Maybe these links now belong in a museum. I have not checked them in a long time.


Here I have some links to places I like to go for help or inspiration. And for downloading new objects. I don't download as much as i used to, but I love to see whats created in the Sims community. Not all objects reach my Download folder, but it is hard to resist when you see all the beautiful objects you can find. I also use Google to search for Sims related material. There are lots of forums where you can get help if you get into trouble with the game or with your new object.


Simblesse Oblige
Simblesse Oblige is a new Sims 1 forum for serious Simmers and creators.

At Around the sims you can find lots and lots of beautiful objects, some of them hacked. Her I got the inspiration for the Perfume gifts. Most of it is free.

Supersims has many goodlooking objects. I use some of the chairs i Studiotown. Free site.

Simfreaks is a paysite with some free objects. High quality objects, some are hacked.

Thesimsresource is the big place where you can find everything. Sometimes the quality is excellent, sometimes it is not so good. Paysite with free objects.

Simsprograms is working again. This is the place to go if you need a Sims tool. Lots of links to tutorials that can help you make things.

Persimmon Grove
Persimmon Grove have lots of beautiful objects
At Oddsim you find many hacked objects, some from Simsonline.

Here is CC Enterprise with lots and lots of hacked objects, all for free. And you can clone them freeley. Back online again Sept 12.

A good place to go when you are looking for something new is The Ultimate Sims List.
At Annie's Sims Page you find many hacked objects and there is a Gods&Icons theme.

At Madoria's World you will find hacked objects and some free to clone bases. There is also skins for all bodytypes.

Electronic Arts Sims 1 Pages
The secret society of Woobsha
The Secret Society of Woobsha, lots of hacks and help for creators.
Anim8tor icon

Anim8tor is a freeware 3d program you can use if you want to make new objects for The Sims. On their website ther are tutorials that will help you understand how to use the program.

MWSnaps is a freeware screenshot program that will take care of all your screenshots. Translated into many languages.

instruktion på svenska om nedladdade filer till sims1

Instruction in Swedish about how to handle downloads

If anyone wants to link back to this site feel free to do so. Link to http://www.somesimthings.com . You can use this banner if you want to. Thank you mtaman for making this one for me.