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For more information please read the Readme that is included in the zip.
Hacked magazines
Hacked Magazines

These magazines will show up in away from home locations. It gives your sims a chance to sit down and rest their legs and read about their interests. By readinga lot sims can slowly raise their overall interest in things. This object needs the magazine stand and the magazine stack that came with Hot Date.
CharmsKids Charms
Maxis replacement charms
These charms are made to replace the Maxis charms. They are hacked so that you can put five of them on a 1-tile table. They work exactly as the Maxis original charms with one exception. I have hacked the kids Make Cake charm. It used to give me toads no matter what I did, now it will give cakes when the child that uses it is at least a bit hungry. Otherwise you get toads.

These files must be placed in the Expansionpack7 folder for it to work. Please read the readme.txt that is in the zipfile. Screenshot

Needs Makin Magic
Portal replacement filesPortal replacement files

Portal Replacement files

These files can be used to view and replace portals on all lots in the game. They are mainly intended to be used on non-home lots, but they will work on any lot. So if you have a lot that has missing or wrong portals you can use these files to get new ones. Please read the Instruction file that is in the zip.

Needs HotDate or higher to be installed

Pickled herring and potatoes

Pickled herring and potatoes!

Traditional food for millions of people - Pickled Herring, Potaoes and Crisp bread. Make sure to have some of this around at home. You can choose to invite guests or to let your family have it all themselves. If you invite guests you will be able to greet all guests instead of talking to them one by one. Enough food for twelve Sims. Pickled Herring does not go bad as fast as meat, stays fresh for many hours.


Hacked skeleton closet

Hacked Skeleton closet

Every night sometime after midnight Bonehildas twin sister Ben-Sara will come by and knock on her sisters closet door to see that she is OK. Then she will help out by doing some gardening before she leaves. If you need to call Bonehilda out at some other time, just let your Sim knock on the door as usual.



Needs Makin Magic

Item adder
Item adder

Prop Adding Chest

Sims no longer need to just daydream about being Swashbucklers or Knights in Shining Armor. Buy them a Prop Adding Chest, and they can accessorize for their fantasies with swords, shields and helmets.

This object uses items from Ludic's Knight Helmet Action Playset (you find it here)and Weapon Display by Ludic (here). If you don't have them one of two things will happen - either the menu option will not show up or your Sim will not pick anything up when you see them trying to.

Graphic for the object is from Planit3d.

Needs Hot Date or higher.

Item adder
Accessory adder

Accessory adder

In this box Sims can find things to pick up or put on. Let them have fun.

This file uses in game accessories and one extra, a Katana (skin and mesh included in the zip).

Graphic for the object is from Planit3d.

Needs Hot Date or higher.

Light saber selector

Light Saber Selector

Let the force be with your Sims when you buy them a Light Saber Selector. Sims enjoy pretending to be Star Wars characters so much that they'll carry their light sabers with them all day (and all night too, if you let them!) .

Lightsabers are made by Ludic - thank you for letting me use them.

Helmet and graphics for the object is from http://scifi3d.theforce.net/

Needs Hot Date or higher.

Weapon prop adderWeapon prop adder

Weapon Prop Attacher By Ludic

These Weapon Prop Attachers uses the weapon props that come with Ludic's Knight Helmet Action Playset and Medieval Weapon Displays that you can download here and here. You must have them in your game for these objects to work. Both Prop Adders are in the same zip.

Please read the Readme for more information

Needs HotDate or higher

Halloween prop adder

Spooky Kettel

For a spooky look there is nothing better than the things you can pick up from a Spooky Kettel. You can wear masks of different kinds, put on a Pumpkin head or look as the Grim reaper. There is also Skeleton suits for Sims of all sizes (easy, the skeleton is the same size for all Sims).

Needs Hot Date or higher.


Thank you Bluesage for helping me with this