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Here i have a little this and that, things I want available online but don't think fit in other places, like some pictures, and I use this space for testing purposes. You won't see any of the testfiles, they are just for personal use. I have uploaded a few short movies from Sims 1. They show how a few of my hacked Sims 1 objects work. The Sims and Sims 2 are the only computer games that have ever interested me. I am more into trying new programs and see what I can do with them than playing games. Trying out new programs is something I like. I prefer freeware, but I do try shareware programs too, and I have bought the ones I really liked. Specially when I could not find any freeware doing the same thing :) . The movies have been made using freeware.

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I have removed the tutorials that used to be here. The same files are online here.

  Random picture from the Picture folder


Short movie of a corrupted file

Short movie of a hacking mistake


Sims 1 movieChangecloth movie Funny skin movieStrange skin
Sims 1 movieFencing movie  




Svenska flagganInstruction in Swedish about how to handle Downloads for Sims 1



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