Skillbuilding 1
To download just click the picture
For more information please read the Readme that is included in the zip.
Professional easel

Professional easel

With this easel you can make a living as an artist. The paintings you can make here pay better (sometimes very good) than others. Original paintings by Maxis, Kerstin and Annika

Fun 2

Hacked Easel


With this easel you can paint your pictures and sell them in any location you want. This easel is available anywhere. There is also an extra feature for magic sims. It is made with all expansion packs installed, but it should not need them to work.


New version Feb 1 - works better when an NPC is playing

Minstrel Harpsichord

Updated with new harpsichord music! In this age of ever-increasing creativity, music that Sims make themselves offers the perfect skill learning activity. Practice on the same model that the teachers use in the Minstrel Instructional Booth in the privacy of your own home. Now you can show your skills away from home too, with our new concert option.

Creator: mtaman

Expansion Packs Required: Cloned from the upright piano from the Sims, but I have all expansion packs installed.

Cost: 3501 Catagory: Miscellaneous/Creative

Statistics: Fun 4 Room 3 + Creativity

This new version now plays harpsichord music. To hear the music you must follow the exact instruction on how and where to put it in your game.

This file can also be downloaded from Wild Simdom Yahoo group

Exercise mat

Exercise mat

This is a training station that also works in all away from home locations. An easy to use form of training. And its good for compact living too. When it's not in use Sims will walk over this object like a rug. Needs House Party (for the animations) and an expansionpack with an away from home location to be installed.

Exercise mat

Exercise mat

This training station is similar to the red one but it uses new animations. It needs an expansionpack with an away from home location to be installed. Please read the readme.txt that is in te zipfile.

Logic globe

A Logic discussion globe. It has been hacked so that your sims learn logic at half the normal speed when they use this object alone, but at normal speed when they have company and someone to talk to. I works the same way in all locations. Let your sims gain logic points also away from home. Needs Hotdate, Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar or Makin' Magic to be installed. One of them should do.


Town mirror

A mirror that lets you gain charisma when you are away from home too. It is cloned from a Hot Date mirror but should work fine also without Hot Date.

Exercise machine

Exercise machine

This is a downtown enabled excercise machine. I wanted to make a gym where my sims could go training, so I needed this. It took several ours to figure it out. This file only shows up in away from home locations. And yes, sims earn fysic points when they train downtown. Made with all expansionpacks installed.

Superstar hacked exercisemachine

Superstar Exercise

Another downtown enabled exeercise machine. Only available in away from home locations.